The Most Important Person Not In The Room

It is a sad tell, you have spent years developing your relationship with your client, solid investments, regular meetings, lunches and many other events.  Then something changes, the client gets very busy with business, has a terrible illness or worst of all dies.  The spouse take over handling the investments.  You meet with the family and assure them that everything is in order and the future is secure and BAM out of nowhere the transfer papers come in and your account is gone.

This isn't an uncommon story but it is a common mistake. We failed to involve the spouse in all of the processes along the way.  Most of the time it is just an oversight.  You have always dealt with the client because you thought they were the decision maker. This is why the spouse has to become part of the ritual in you customer service routine.  Especially if the spouse is a woman.

Statistics show us that women will be make an overwhelming percentage of the financial decisions and have control of over 70% of the wealth in the near future.  It is vital that you include them in every step of the wealth management process. 

For our clients we focus on the ways to do this so they don't feel slighted or left out. 

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