Practice Makes Perfect

We see it everyday all around us. When we watch a sporting event, a concert, a movie, singer, comedian, anything really. The one thing these people all have in common is practice. Any time we witness an event that where true talent is involved we can be sure that thousands of hours of practice have preceded it. In fact the tipping point on practice or the number of hours it takes until you make what ever it is that you do look really easy is 10,000 hours.

That would be about five years for a sales person working 40 hours a week to be in a position to know their career is on the launch pad and ready to explode to the upside.

However, once we are successful very few of us practice. When we have new members on the team, a new product we are adding to our strategic planning, a new client that we are getting ready to present to. These are all times we need to practice. When scripted and practiced this makes us look more professional than our competition because we aren't trying to talk at the same time or repeating information. We look like a professional well oiled machine.

One team I work with actually had a client who had just transferred several million dollars to them, told them that the final reason they choose their team was because they were so professional. This was after hours of practice before they made the presentation.

Don't overlook it, practice works.

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