Ask The Right Questions

Every practice at many points in a career gets the frustrating feeling that they have hit a plateau. When you get to this point it is always difficult to refocus and get the momentum again to move your practice to the next level. There are several practices I implement with the teams I work with to get momentum back and the team all focused on the same thing and moving in the same direction again. But, I have found the best way to combat this is to make sure you are asking yourself and your team the right question.

That question is: "What can we do to get better?"

Remember, when you start to coast, like many of us do, you can only coast one way, down hill. Constantly asking how we get better and discussing it with our team in your weekly meetings will keep you sharp and focused on making the practice better and growing.

Everyone at some point in their career experiences the frustration of the practice stalling. Having everyone on your team aware of and working toward the same goals for the practice makes it easier and quicker to put it behind you and get your team back on track.

This needs to be discussed often so that the growth of the practice doesn't suffer. Your weekly business meeting is probably the easiest and best place, but, monthly or quarterly will also work. The important part is that you are aware that it can happen and you are being proactive to prevent it.

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