The program developed by Mike Christensen and the Business Performance Institute are the best programs I have seen to help top producers in the financial industry double or triple their business while promoting optimal efficiency, maintaining strategic focus, and sustaining a healthy work-life balance. Mike's approach is proactive, client-centered and he provides his clients with an overall exceptional client experience.

Karl V. Leaverton President and CEO, Seattle Northwest Securities
Former President, RBC Wealth Management's Private Client Group

I can honestly say that I saw the best results from Mike's program of all the practice management training sessions I have participated in throughout my career. Mike's were fast-moving, relevant, and practical. He respects your time and understands that you are making a significant investment just being there. I can assure you that you will see immediate results from your participation in this program.

Tim Jones President IJL Financial Advisors

Fast paced, hard hitting, action oriented, funny and fun. Mike Christensen was born to coach Top Producers. And the group knows each other so well that there was plenty of helpful heckling, and lots of inside jokes flying around (shocking, huh!?). Winning attention, and then praise, from this tough crowd is indeed a great success.

Warren Bischoff Complex Director

y team and I recently came over from Smith Barney and it has been a fun adventure learning about our new firm and meeting the people in the firm with whom we will share our careers. I just returned from yesterday's Top Gun Workshop in Dallas. In my 23 years as an FC, I think I have been to every major council and educational venue at my previous firm. Yesterday I realized the power and potential that can come from a smaller more dynamic firm as I spent the most productive day of my educational career. The day was filled with unique and specialty type content that is fundamentally sound but also is very usable in today's competitive environment. Learning from other successful pears and from people like Mike Christensen with so many years of real experience was so much better that sitting thru sales focused wholesalers directly and indirectly pitching their products.

II think Mike is one of the best resources I have ever encountered in our business and simply put…he gets it, and knows what it takes to be highly successful in this great business of ours. I have always worked very hard with the planning aspect of our business, but every time I talk with Mike, I learn new ways to improve upon our teams' wealth management system. He cares from the heart about his advisors and we are very fortunate to have him.

Just a quick note to let you know how much value Mike has added to the Morton McGrath Group. Since attending the Top Gun workshop, Mike has offered his time and ideas to aid in our growth. It has certainly paid off! We've put some of his ideas to work and have seen great results. As a matter of fact, we asked him to give us a monthly coaching session and he's gladly obliging us!

Thanks for having such great people here at RBC. CARPE DIEM!!!!!!


I have been working with the Baum/Jackson team in Annapolis the last 10 years and yesterday they asked me to sit down to go over their team situation. They pulled out a loose-leaf book fully loaded - client segmentation, meeting agendas, fee and non fee clients, assets they brought in each week etc…..I was so impressed in what they had accomplished and of course I asked - "Who helped you do this" - "Mike Christensen" was the answer. I've been working with them forever to get their team structure in order and couldn't get them off the "dime". Mike - kudos to you and your effort - I really believe this is a $5mm team that is doing $1.8mm right now and you got them on the road to reach their potential. Of course they gave me credit too but I just laughed it off - what Mike has accomplished these past 6 months is incredible….


The Top Gun program encouraged me to take a hard look at my business:

  • - Who are the most profitable clients?
  • - Who are the most unprofitable?
  • - How to prioritize better.
  • - How to focus (and get my staff to focus) on efficiency and profitability vs.. (for example) answering the phone and reacting to a small problem from a small client and wasting a half day on it.

Also, it was suggested to make an out-going call schedule for all of my $1 Million + households to insure that I contact every one of them at least once a month.  It is amazing how much more efficient and professional we have become.